High production platform

High production platform

Ready to deliver the latest high production laminating system for non-woven on insulating material

The laminating system is prepared to laminate up to 1500 mm width, 50 linear meters per minute in a continuous production line 24 hours.

The latest technologies developed by the Barberan engineering department are incorporated in the platform such as motorized unwinder with close loop control, electronic regulation of the foil tension, new ergonomic automatic foil splicing at 50m/min without reducing the line speed, automatic regulation of the IR power according to the infeed panel temperature and a saw capable of doing one cut per second.

A custom made development that includes an accurate glue weighing control to ensure the fire resistance of the finished product.

This new Barberan’s development increases the high production laminating and wrapping platforms that Barberan has installed around the world, engineering solutions to give response to the production needs of the most demanding clients.

Posted on 2015-12-14 by Barberán News


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