Barberán 4.0

Barberán 4.0

New applications within the digitalization programme of Barberán, for optimizing the production plants that facilitate industrial management through mobile devices.


Barberán has launched two new video display tools for its production lines.

The interactive video display system has been developed to allow the operator to interact with the interface of the machine by means of mobile devices. This enables you to change the production parameters from a distance immediately without the help of the general control screen.


The second system that will be presented in Milan is the informative video display aimed at production managers, line managers, directors, etc. This tool allows you to access to information regarding the production status of the machine, working status and current, daily or weekly production from any mobile device from the headquarters or of from anywhere in the world by using a corporative VPN connection.

Barberán offers maximum flexibility and reliability in high-quality machinery by means of new tools that increase and improve the production process and that offers the user a rapid response capability to growing market demand and optimization of resources.


Posted on 2016-06-13 News


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