Barberán will attend the new edition of FIMMA-MADERALIA 2018 that will take place in Valencia from February 6 to 9

Barberán will attend the new edition of FIMMA-MADERALIA 2018 that will take place in Valencia from February 6 to 9

These machines will be demonstrated during the show and will be equipped with the most advanced technical improvements for profile wrapping, lamination, coating and digital single pass printing of boards.

Resistance and durability of high gloss panels

The laminating sector will be represented by our laminating machine model “Compact Line HG” which will be in operation for demonstrating its capabilities in our booth. This is the most versatile Barberan compact laminator suitable for overlaying glossy, transparent PET foil on flat panels offering a surface quality higher than any other laminator for producing kitchen and bathroom furniture. Our process reduces the orange peel effect up to the maximum. With the gluing of transparent foil or high gloss foil, high quality boards are produced in a simple and economical process. The overlaying of transparent high gloss foil is ideal to enhance and protect digital printed melamine boards.

The application of PUR hot melt glue on the board and the subsequent smoothing, lamination and pressing, all in a single machine, allows the Compact Line HG to be used for multiple applications. The range and variety of products that our Compact Line HG can produce is very wide. It was designed to overlay any type of decorative sheet (paper, PVC, PP, etc.) on any type of panel or door.

Barberan innovates its PUR gluing systems with automations that make both, working and maintenance processes easier. Our grammage control system makes our PUR spreaders the most automatic glue spreading machines on the market, along with our automatic roller cleaning systems, automatic preheating and roller quick change in just less than 5 minutes. Improvement in processes to achieve increases in the productivity and profitability of the plant by reducing downtime and maintenance times.

Maximum smoothness, excellent finish

We are specialists in creating innovative high-gloss finishing systems for more than a decade. Barberan bets on research and development of new processes and improvements to be able to offer machines that meet the latest trends in surface finishing. Machines that include best features and technology to reduce costs and achieve the highest productivity, rentability and quality.

You are invited to see in our booth a high-gloss system that improves the efficiency of the whole process by reducing the electrical consumption and sanding process to achieve panels with high scratch resistance greater smoothness. The Inert High Gloss Calender applies, smooths and encapsulates the lacquer, preventing any particle from penetrating the surface. This lacquer solution uses transparent foil throughout the process and during drying. Right afterwards, this foil will be automatically rewound and the board will be polished to get a smooth surface to achieve an excellent high gloss finish and a great quality.

High speed wrapping

In the profile wrapping area, Barberan will have a wrapping line PUR 33 with automatic tool change on display. A machine that has been designed for gluing paper or PVC foils up to 330 mm wide to wrap profiles made of MDF, PB and similar materials. wood. The wrapping machine PUR 33 is equipped with a roller head for PUR or EVA hotmelt glue and has pneumatic foil approaching system that achieves a more uniform spreading and a perfect adhesion. The unwinder has an air shaft that make the spool changing easier, reducing downtimes and increasing productivity.

The line on display will be equipped with an automatic profile feeder with lateral loading. It will also have a built-in automatic tool change system. This system is ready for 3 different profiles. Motorized drums allow to change the tools in less than 1 minute. This wrapping line also includes a flying saw at the outfeed that allows to produce at a speed of 60 m/min.

High resolution and UV finishing

In the digital printing area, the visitor will see the Jetmaster 630 for panels. A UV single-pass printer that prints, without having any contact with the surface, at a speed of 55 m/min. Digital printing suppresses several pre-printing steps required with traditional systems. No plates or labels are necessary. No need for storage. The process prior to printing is much faster. The image or design you visualize on the monitor, is the one that will be printed without the need of testing or preparation. It supposes huge savings; less time, less money. Furthermore, it allows to change the design without stopping the production line. With the digital Single-Pass printing the production of short runs or special and customized productions is facilitated since it does not have additional costs of preparation, thus a more agile and economic response can be given to the growing demand of customized prints in the furniture and the decoration sector. Barberan manufactures digital single-pass printers for industrial printing on wood panels, MDF, HDF, melamine and other rigid materials, semi-rigid and flexible since 2007, and has more than 30 facilities in production in the world. Inkjet printers with 4 colors (CMYK) or 6 colors (CMYK + Light Cyan & Light Magenta or CMYK + Orange & Violet). High resolution and speed for industrial production of furniture, wall and floor coverings, ceilings, parquet, door profiles and windows, etc.

For more information visit us in Valencia, stand N2 P7 C72.

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