System for wrapping drawer sides, model PUR-46 L

System for wrapping drawer sides, model PUR-46 L

This system is suitable for PUR or EVA hot melt glues and paper or PVC foils. Uniform application using a head with an exclusive design. The unit can be adjusted while running production. Working width 45 to 450 mm.

The line is equipped with cleaning systems that include brushes at the infeed, which are able to clean workpieces made of MDF, PB or other similar materials.
Before applying the foil, a set of infrared lamps pre-heat the surface to be overlayed to achieve optimum adhesion properties. The wrapping unit has an automatic pneumatic film approaching and automatic centering devices as well as expandable unwinding shafts that facilitate roll changes making this task faster and easier, with the consequent reduction in setup time and corresponding productivity increase.

The wrapping tools that build the wrapping area are equipped with a motorized adjustment system along the machine, which simplifies and accelerates the adaptation of the machine to different workpiece widths.
The 12.4m long plant will be completed with a continuous sectioning system that allows to cut flat base workpieces. The plant has a maximum production speed of 60 m / min.

The design of this coating system facilitates cleaning and maintenance with innovative components, making it a versatile and highly profitable machine that improves working conditions and increases productivity.

To maximize production, this line can be supplemented with a feeder and an automatic stacker. The Barberan auxiliary machines, specially designed for feeding and stacking of molded parts and rectangular profiles (with flat bases), allow constant performance thanks to automatic stacking devices.

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