Moving to digital printing

Moving to digital printing

Thanks to the Single Pass Digital printer they are able to personalize and customize designs unmatched by the existing analogue technology, divide a single design over several panels without having to worry about register and positioning of each partial design on each individual panel. They will fit perfectly!

They can eliminate gravure rollers and therewith offer a quicker response time to market at no additional costs and print short to medium print runs with no extra costs. The new Jetmaster system allows them the elimination of inventory and a just-in-time delivery.


In short they are be able to offer their customers more options and provide them with better service.


The new Barberan line includes the whole process with primer application, digital printing and UV finishing at a max. speed of 55 m/min.


The Barberan Jetmaster digital printer has a resolution of 360 dpi and 4 gray levels per color, a software package developed by Barberan ensures perfect color stability with minimal ink consumption.


Dumaplast technicians were working with the Jetmaster engineering team in Barberan facilities in Castelldefels in the latter part of the testing process printing and installation settings.

Posted on 2015-12-26 News


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