High Gloss Hot Coating

High Gloss Hot Coating 

We at Barberan develop productive systems of high cost effectiveness and efficiency.

With our high gloss coating machinery you will be able to achieve most spectacular results with an important cost reduction, not comparable with other systems.

  • Surface treatment
    Surface treatment

    This process of high adherence applied directly on melamine panels starts with cleaning,  smoothing and sealing imperfections on their surfaces.

  • Finishing

    Coating hotmelt products by roller reduces considerably the production costs per board with an extremely fine and durable result.

  • Curing

    The curing systems are a fundamental part of the high gloss process. The tempering and  gelation of the coats as well as the full curing of them allows to manipulate the board right after it comes out from the line.

  • Roller coater for high grammage base and top coat application in high gloss processes.

  • Application and smoothing of hotmelt products involved in the surface preparation before applying high gloss lacquers.

  • Application and smoothing of fillers or base coats.

  • Tunnel designed for levelling ang gelifying high gloss lacquers.

  • UV Curing tunnel for High Gloss lacquering lines.

  • Board pressing calanders.

  • System for best quality high gloss finishes.