Lacquer application

Lacquer application 

Different surfaces, different applications … we got the most suitable lacquering method in each case.

  • Surface treatment
    Surface treatment

    No matter which lacquering method you use … all begins with a good treatment of the surface; dust brushing, light sanding with Scotch brushes, calendering, filling, stining …

  • Roller coating
    Roller coating

    The perfect result with low grammages. Highest cost reduction. Our roller coaters are specially suitable for flat surfaces.

  • Lacquer spraying
    Lacquer spraying

    The best solution for lacquer spraying without dead zones on difficult, profiled surfaces of difficult access. Achieve a fast, reliable, quality production is easy using Barberan´s spraying robots.

  • Curtain coating
    Curtain coating

    A classic lacquering method with amazing results. High grammage application system.

    Curtain coaters (high viscosity, lip or overflow system) for flat surfaces and two-component-products. Ideal for high grammage applications and exceptional quality.

  • Board pressing calanders.

  • Roller coaters for the application of transparent or pigmented base and top coat lacquers, primers, oils and stains on flat surfaces.

  • Board brushing before lacquer application.

  • Filler application machine with smoothing head to achieve a perfect smooth surface.

  • Machinery for stain/oil spreading after its application on massive wood or veneered surfaces.

  • Efficient automatic spraying system with no unsprayed dead zones. Suitable for shaped pieces or panels.

  • UV Lacquering machine for paper foil