All type of machinery for the treatment of surfaces; coating by roller, curtain or spraying; curing; flexo or engraved roller printing and our exclusive HotCoating high gloss lacquering system.

  • High Gloss Hot Coating
    High Gloss Hot Coating

    We at Barberan develop productive systems of high cost effectiveness and efficiency.

    With our high gloss coating machinery you will be able to achieve most spectacular results with an important cost reduction, not comparable with other systems.

  • Lacquer application
    Lacquer application

    Different surfaces, different applications … we got the most suitable lacquering method in each case.

  • Curing

    Each process requires a precise and reliable curing system. We at Barberan develop the most convenient solution for each production line: gelation between applications or final full curing. Efficient systems that can be  perfectly integrated in our production lines.

  • Printing

    For imitating real wood we offer printing machinery for an amazing visual impact as well as systems to create textures and reliefs to increase realism.

    Machines for printing and creating textures through engraved roller or flexo and embossing.

  • Filler application machine with smoothing head to achieve a perfect smooth surface.

  • Tunnel designed for levelling ang gelifying high gloss lacquers.

  • Board pressing calanders.

  • Roller coater for high grammage base and top coat application in high gloss processes.

  • Roller coaters for the application of transparent or pigmented base and top coat lacquers, primers, oils and stains on flat surfaces.

  • UV Curing tunnel for High Gloss lacquering lines.

  • Board brushing before lacquer application.

  • Efficient automatic spraying system with no unsprayed dead zones. Suitable for shaped pieces or panels.

  • Surface pre-heating by means of infrared lamps.

  • Curtain coating machines.

  • Compact UV curing.

  • For water or solvent based lacquers.