HotCoating High Gloss line

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High performance, precise and reliable finishing installations for printed flooring with low production costs and high flexibility. The printing of different types of substrates like PB or MDF requires to treat the surface before printing. This treatment makes a huge influence to the printing process improving both, quality, performance and even saving ink costs as well. The digital printing on tretated boards is ideal for all those who want to be fast and flexible when it comes to print a lot of different, customized wood pattern designs upon demand on flooring tiles. Last application after printing iwill be high gloss top coat and anti-scratch product.

Barberán advantages

  • Mirror gloss, deepness and clarity effect, all in a thin coat of 100 gr/sqm
  • Full adherence of lacquers on the melamine surface*
  • High impact and abrasion resistance
  • Lowest production costs compared with other high gloss finishing systems
  • Easy manipulation and cutting afterwards

*The product HotCoating® from Kleiberit is used in this process

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  • High gloss line

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    Applying just 100 gr/sqm lacquer. The application of hot lacquer allows to apply thin product coats by roller achieving the same result as traditional high gloss finishing systems would do, but saving more than 50% in products