Integrated finger pull handle

Tableros laminados con tirador integrado


User-friendly versatile board laminating system. Lower production costs.

The glue application on the foil allows to postform the edges in line using a bedframe equipped with tools placed at the outfeed of the laminator.

This system performs three different processes in the same pass.

Flat lamination, trimming and edge postforming can be now faster using machines that are able to wrap the board all-around. You get a complete finished product immediately ready to be handled when it comes out of the line. Save time and money producing in one pass products like high quality door or drawer fronts with integrated pull handles.

Advantages Barberán

  • Finished edges with 30º, 45º angles or integrated “J” shaped finger pull handle
  • Speed from 5 up to 25 m/min
  • Just one pass, no joints
  • Low production costs
  • Flexibility
  • Immediate handling afterwards

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  • In line postforming

    Our R&D department designs the most advanced technology according to newest trends in surface finishing. Pull-finger drawer or cabinet fronts are wrapped all around in a unique continuous process using difficult materails like for instance CPL or high gloss foils.

  • Postforming; special laminates

    Our laboratories are used by our technicians for testing all kind of meterials with our machines. We have the right system to achieve the best quality and perfomance with any kind of material.