Flat lamination, 2D, postforming, panel indexing … with options for every kind of materials and glues. For high production levels in continuous processes or small productions. Find here the most suitable machines for your production requirements.

We test different type of materials so that we can offer the most precise machine to work under any condition.

  • Surface treatment
    Surface treatment

    Different machines for the preparation of panels before indexing, gluing and protecting.

  • Panel lamination
    Panel lamination

    Solutions for MDF or PB single or doublesided panel lamination with paper, PVC foil with hotmelt glues (PUR, EVA), PVAc, UF or polyurethane.

  • 2D Lamination
    2D Lamination

    Laminating systems designed for postforming both sides lengthwise.

  • Postforming

    Production lines designed for postforming edges following last trends. Laminate all type of  edges, even pull finger fronts, in a unique continuous process.

  • Gluing, indexing, pressing
    Gluing, indexing, pressing

    Sandwich panels, honeycomb doors… machinery for indexing all kind of panels in efficient production lines that reduce both, time and production costs.