Innovation and experience are used for developing more and more efficient production lines with highest reliability and performance, so that our customers are able to achieve the desired finish in a simple, safe, environment friendly way with high level cost control.

  • Lacquering lines
    Lacquering lines

    Our lacquering lines are available in all 5 continents because we make the projects of our customers come through, using and developing the necessary technology for the materials and kind of finish they want, offering complete slutions of high quality and performance.

  • Laminating lines
    Laminating lines

    Barberán means high productivity, quality and reliability. Machines working 24 hours all 365 days with just a simple and economic maintenance.

    The products manufactured with the BARBERAN laminating lines are part of our environment, at homes and in offices of more than 60 countries, the floor where we walk, in the insulating material that insulates our office or the train that drives us home.

  • Digital printing lines
    Digital printing lines

    The application possibilities of the digital printing have no limits because of the Single Pass technology and our deep knowledge about the different materials. We know how to prepare each surface in order to achieve the maximun performance and best printing quality.

  • Wrapping lines
    Wrapping lines

    Our continuous investigation with several materials and the development of new processes facilitates the inclusion of productive methods that increase the quality in our lines and allow to achieve extraordinary results with any type of wrapping materials and any density.