Profiles, L shape profiles, skirts, jambs, vertical wrapping, drawer sides … Barberan has a wrapping solution for each kind of job.

Hotmelt glues on surfaces made of wood, MDF, PVC, aluminium … and every kind of material in rolls.

  • Surface treatment
    Surface treatment

    One of the greatest challenges for us is to achieve every day the expected result in each process. 85 Years of experience lead us to develop high productive finishing processes for manufacturing products of highest quality levels.

  • Gluing / Wrapping
    Gluing / Wrapping

    Profiles made of wood, MDF, PVC, aluminium … We offer a production line specially designed for each application and in addition to this, thanks to the modular design of our machines, your line can grow side by side with your production capacity and/or type of job.

  • Cutting / Trimming
    Cutting / Trimming

    Full automatized finishing with cutting and trimming systems which guarantee the quality of your products; one method for each requirement.

  • Auxiliar machines
    Auxiliar machines

    Components for our production lines to load, unload, convey, turn the workpieces. Like all our machines, this components have been also designed to increase production and save costs.

  • Lath gluing machine for materails like MDF, HDF, cork or similar materials.

  • Automatic assembling of "L" shaped profiles used for example in width adjustable door frames, wall edge protection, etc.

  • Perfect finish with trimming and shaping units.

  • Perfect sanding for each process.

  • Application of fleece as reinforcement for fragile materials like wooden veneer.

  • The necessary pre-treatment for surfaces without pores, where a chemical reaction replaces the traditional mechanic bonding.

  • Wrapping of drawer sides and block door panels in vertical position.

  • Hotmelt glues, EVA & APAO and PVAc and PU.

  • Specific models for wrapping with PUR glue.

  • Hotmelt glues, EVA & APAO, PVAc and PU. Maximum foil width: 300 mm, veneer: 280 mm.

  • Special machines for EVA hotmelt application with slot nozzle.

  • Cutting machines for panels, profiles and mouldings.